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      Booking ID: #6047009674
      Property Location: 10 York Street, Unit #915, M5J 0A9 Toronto, Canada
      Booking type: Long-term tenancy agreement

      Current status: Booking Approved ( awaiting payment )

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Dear Talha Ahmed

You are going to rent the property, 10 York Street, Unit #915, M5J 0A9 Toronto, Canada, Landlord Mr. John William Noon, Residential address, 1543 Louis Kossuth Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716, United States. Please review your rental's details below and contact the Landlord, Mr. John William Noon, immediately to confirm the payment. We have approved this transaction and we are offering you full protection.

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Name John William Noon
Address 1543 Louis Kossuth Ave
City / Zip Code
Bohemia, NY 11716
Country United States

Tenant Details

Name Talha Ahmed
Address 4044 Colonial Drive
City / Zip Code
Mississauga, ON L5L 4K2
Country Canada
+1 604-700-9674

Quote Information

Booking img Approved and awaiting the payment


Guaranteed services:

    • Property Type: Apartment
    • Bedrooms: #1
    • Bathrooms: #1
    • Available: Immediately
    • Rental Type: long-term
    • Rental Period: 12 Months
    • Date of Viewing: September 24, 2018 (9AM-7PM)
    • Move-in Date: November 1, 2018
    • Property Address: 10 York Street, Unit #915, M5J 0A9 Toronto, Canada
  • Map of 10
                                                      York St #915,
                                                      Toronto, ON M5J
                                                      2L9, Canada
Rental amount ( per month ) :
CAD $1,200.00 
Warranty Deposit for the property:
(in case of tenant damage the property)
CAD $600.00
Total amount to be paid today: 
CAD 1,800.00
NOTE: taxes included (no hidden fees)
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Payment must be sent by Bank Wire Transfer to the account, below:
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Bank Name & Address:

Beneficiary Name & Address:


IBAN (Account Number):

Sort Code:


Swift BIC Code: AIBKIE2D
Amount to be paid: CAD $1,800.00
Additional Payment Details: 6047009674

When the payment is made, do not change details as beneficiary or payment reference because in that case your payment will be automatically rejected by the bank and refunded to you. As beneficiary provide ''G. PREDA/ BOOKING INC'' and as Additional Payment Details provide the Booking ID # 6047009674.

In case if the tenant will require a refund NOTE that the refund will be sent to the bank account from which the payment has been sent from. The refundable amount will be CAD $1,800.00

As soon as the payment is made please send us a copy of the scanned receipt from your bank by E-mail:

1). A scanned copy of the wire transfer and/or the receipt.
2). The total amount of the wire transfer and the date when it was initiated.
3). After the payment is confirmed, our agent will contact you by phone and email to schedule date for viewing the property.
4). If you decide to rent the property, you can sign the contract with the agent and he will give you the papers and the keys. If you refuse to rent the property, will give you a full money refund in the same day.  The CAD $1,800.00 represent 1 Month Rent
 and  Warranty deposit for the property ( CAD $600.00).

For more information regarding your invoice # 6047009674 you can contact our Payment Department by email at:


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